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Pama Records was founded in 1988 by Magnus ”MAXE” Axelsson. From being a vision back then, it has grown to be a successful record & production company in the Swedish music industry, Pama records is today distributed thru Universal in Sweden.

Max Music Scandinavia is a publisher that covers most styles from Pop via Rock to R’n’b. We’ve enjoyed major chart success in Scandinavia and have had our songs released all over the world. We pride ourselves, besides having a strong catalogue, in being extremely fast and flexible in creating music to the needs of our clients. We have
all of the latest ”gadgets” and several state of the art studios. So if you’re looking for your next hit, or if you want customized for your TV-show, movies etc., look no further than Max Music Scandinavia. We create your way to success…

Pama studios: artists we’ve worked with:
Mikeyla, Caj Karlsson, Sofia Loell, Charizma, Mikael Wiehe
Nina & Kim, Lars Demian, PAY TV, Jack Wreesvijk, Mary Griffin
Peps Persson, Smoke 2 Seven UK, Randy Brecker US
Sven Zetterberg, Leni Stern US, Cajsa-Stina Åkerström
Popshop, Peter Glyt, Camilla Lindén
The Bones, The Flower Kings, Lisa Miskovsky
Silver Seraph, Sanna Nielsen, Carolina Miskovsky
Mitchell Forman US, Tim Hagans US, UNIT, Brolle JR
Jesper Thilo DK and many more

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